Main Benefits of Preferring a sliding driveway gate for Your Home

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sliding driveway gate

Sliding driveway gate and Your Family, Much More Protected Why is the Overturn gate more secure and practical than traditional gates? See in this article the main benefits of choosing a Sliding driveway gate for your home.

Things are modernizing every day and it couldn’t be different in the areas of architecture and civil construction. An excellent example of this are the gates, which have evolved considerably over the past fifteen years.

Fifteen years ago it was usually easy to find only sliding gates and pivoting gates in most homes, in some businesses, as well as in industries. Nowadays the scenario is quite different, it has become the opposite, as it is rare to find pivoting or sliding gates, especially in homes in general.

Approval of the Sliding driveway gate was almost immediate in all regions of Brazil. But why was this sudden switch changed so quickly and with great approval by most families nationwide?

Sliding driveway gate Benefits

Overhead gates are much more modern in design than traditional gates, as they were mostly produced with rigid materials such as half-inch or 5/8-inch rebar. Its openings were always sliding or pivoting.

On the other hand, the up-and-over gate can be produced in perforated sheets with or without drawings, it can receive applications in plain sheets, as well as drawings with openings using square or rectangular tubes.

The alternatives are quite wide, it only takes a little imagination to have incredible models, and add it to the architecture of the property or building where the gate will be used.

The up-and-over gate can also be produced with corrugated screens, these are the simplest, even more sophisticated screens and can even be used with a combination of screens with different looks, such as corrugated screens in some places, with perforated screen ( perforated plate) in others and even be completed with tubular applications and so on. The alternatives are many.

Sliding driveway gate
Full opening of the span

A great benefit of the Sliding driveway gate compared to other models is that the property has a full span opening, that is, if the house has a 5.00 x 2.50 garage opening, for example, when activating the Sliding driveway gate to open, this space is completely free to park the vehicle more easily.

Not to mention that, if the house has two cars, it will not be necessary to maneuver one or the other to make parking easier.

Ease of Opening

Yes, the up-and-down gate has this other facility, I mean, as it was designed to open at the touch of the hand, using minimal force, even a 7-year-old child can open the leaf completely without having major difficulties. The time to open the gate manually takes less than 4 seconds, as long as it is well balanced.

Ease of activation

The up-and-over gate accepts automation, so when it is automated, it greatly facilitates the aspects of convenience, because it can be operated inside the car by the driver, or from inside the house. This type of ease and convenience contributes to the personal safety and security of the property itself.

Can be Motorized

As mentioned above, the Sliding driveway gate can be motorized. With this option added, the gate becomes more versatile, as the alternatives increase even more, you start using a remote control, you can ask for the configuration of more controls for family members and you can also install a gate activation option tilting through a single flash of a headlamp.

Low Maintenance

As today there are companies specializing in the manufacture of parts and accessories completely designed for up-and-over gates, there is no longer the need for adaptations of parts, or improvisations, as used to often happen by those who produced the gates, due to the lack of alternatives in the market.

Therefore, after the market was filled with the most different parts and accessories specially manufactured to meet the needs of this market for lift gates, maintenance was much lower for the owners, who previously had several problems related to this.

From specific steel cables for swing gates, pulleys and turning points, they are all made of high quality and durable materials.

Very Light and Resistant

The up and down gate is activated for opening and closing by means of counterweight, so even if apparently a gate leaf has its weight above 30 kilos, as this weight is balanced and distributed by the aid of the counterweight (box that runs inside the side columns, full of iron dust), makes the sheet light as a feather, and can be operated manually even by a 7-year-old child and even so, offering total safety, as long as it has correctly installed and balanced.

Pedestrian gate

Another great benefit is the social gate that can be built into the leaf. In this way, when the swing gate is activated so that it is raised, there is a total opening of the span with excellent use of garage space.

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