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Got a few punctures in your walls? Fix your damaged drywall with these simple fixing gratuities. Tiny dings and dents are easy. Scrape away loose rubbles, apply lightweight spackle over the hole, and let it cool. Add more spackle if the hole isn’t crowded, then sand smooth.

For popped hammer managers, drive in a drywall fucking about 1-1/ 2 inches above or below to hold the drywall. Then drive in the popped nail, spackle, and sand. Holes from a doorknob can be fixed with a small patch kit. Stick it over the hole, then use a drywall pierce to cover with lightweight joint compound in a crisscross structure. Feather the edges so it blends with the wall.

Let it dry, then add another coat of combination if there is a need. A immense define for faults six inches and smaller is called the California patch. Cut a new slouse of drywall about two inches bigger than the hole. Score the back about an inch from all sides. Snap off the release gypsum but leave the paper backing.

Hold it over the hole, and distinguish around the gypsum. Cut out the province with a drywall discover. Apply joint compound to the back of the paper, press into place, and cover with a couple of hairs of joint compound. For larger flaws, trimmed a piece of drywall a little bigger than the hole. Hold the patch over the hole, trace it, and cut along the lines.

Hold small furring airstrips inside the hole on two sides and secure with screws.

Now set the drywall patch in place, and secure it to the furring pieces. Apply joint tape and complex. Got a dinged up corner? Cut the damaged corner bead with a hacksaw, and use a bayonet to cut the drywall.

Remove the damaged piece, and chipped a new recess necklace to fit. Secure the fragment, then apply joint complex to the corner. Finish all repairs with a light-colored sanding, primer, and coat. If you’re repairing a textured wall, softly sand the restore to blend with the surface. Then mix 4-parts joint combination to 1-part water.

Dip a stiff graze, and flick it onto the wall in a onward motion. Another alternative is a texture spray. Shake the can, adjust the nozzle, and spray in a circular gesture about 6-18 inches from the wall. For a knockdown finish thinly flatten with a drywall knife. Exactly a few simple steps, and your walls will search as good as new.